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Projects A selection of interesting work we have done.


Grameen Foundation

Seattle, WA
Washington DC


IS Techs was brought onto the Grameen Foundation team as primary local IT support for the Seattle Technology Center office. We get our direction from the Grameen main IT services office in Washington DC and perform on site visits on a regular schedule.

  • We helped the recent Technology Center office move by evaluating potential new sites then customizing site data wiring prior to the move. During the move weekend we were on site to help get systems up smoothly and address any issue that came up.
  • Remote Support for field staff around the world
  • Created Ghost Laptop Images for rapid deployment and laptop turn around.
  • Second office move with all new CAT6 data drops and new server room build out. IS Techs also help with office layout, power distribution and construction coordination. Our crowning achievement is the stunning conference room with hidden cabling from center conference table to 50" wall mounted plasma screen. Users can present on the plasma from anywhere in the room with dedicated presentation PC and mirrored 22" LCD or they can hook up their laptop. 1080P web cam for conference calls and surround sound combined with a stunning downtown Seattle view make this room truly remarkable.

DGM Controls

Seattle, WA


IS Techs joined the DGM Controls team to provide advanced networking for client projects as well as internal IT support.

  • Set up advanced Point to Multipoint VPN network using Cisco ASA5505 firewalls for Standard Parking linking multiple parking garages equipped with IP cameras, IP intercoms and Point Of Sale computers to a central HUB that can monitor and operate these remote sites 24/7.
  • Upgraded main office security with Cisco ASA5505


Seattle, WA


Hydrovolts is an up and coming Green Power company that makes Hydro Turbines in the 1k to 5k range which can be placed in irrigation canals, spillways and various small waterways and rivers. IS Techs provides advanced IT consulting and Network Engineering.

  • Connected Midnite Solar charge controller at West Sound Waste Water Treatment plant via fiber optic link to main office internet connection to make the units telemetry available over the internet for R&D and monitoring by Hydrovolts Engineers.

Evergreen Concrete Cutting

Algona Pacific, WA

      IS Techs upgraded Evergreen Concrete Cutting's main office network from peer to peer to Active Directory with MS Small Business Server 2011 running on an IBM X3400 M3 server. Exchange 2010 and Outlook 07 provide reliable feature rich email. We also deployed a Netgear Pro Safe Gigabit Smart Switch and Cisco ASA5505 firewall with IPSEC VPN remote access for high speed reliable access for mobile sales and engineering staff. Data is now secure and protected with RAID5, shadow copies, and backups to 2 Terabyte external hard drives. Several workstations have been upgraded to Lenovo M91 towers and Thinkpad T420 laptops. Daily issues are now gone and productivity and moral are up.

Specialized Landscaping

Tacoma, WA

      IS Techs recently upgraded the SBS03 server to a Small Business Server 2011 with Exchange 2010. We also upgraded switches to Netgear Prosafe Gigabit speed and Cisco ASA5505 firewall with IPSEC VPN access. We are also rejuvenating older workstations with upgraded memory and wipe and reload OS refresh. Modern computers have a longer useful life than ever reaching well past 5 years as long as you refresh them every couple years.

eTrac Engineering llc

Tacoma, WA
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Mobile, AL
Honolulu, HW
Anchorage, AK











Manson Construction

Seattle, WA






IS Techs joined the eTrac Engineering team to provide advanced IT Support, Engineering and Consulting for both eTrac and eTrac clients.

  • Upgraded eTrac main office in San Francisco, CA with IBM X346 running SBS 2003 and Exchange email server, IBM X3650 running Terminal Services.
  • Set up Cisco 1811W for secure remote and multi site access.
  • Set up KVM over IP and Network power management for complete BIOS level remote access to main office systems.
  • Hybelos Waterway Superfund Environmental cleanup project. Working on site during a production environmental cleanup project on the water presented many unique challenges including being aware of off limits zones, train cars, heavy construction equipment and waiting for small boats to ferry us to and from various tug boats, barges and shore. For the project we preformed work for both eTrac Engineering and Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand to complete the overall integrated network. Using Cisco aironet 1310 wireless network bridges and various 2.4GHz antennas we linked four construction trailers, two tug boats, one barge, one survey boat and one excavator in a point to multipoint with clients secure wireless network with T1 VPN remote access. This enabled real time remote viewing of dredging operations, remote support for Dredgepack, Hypack, desktops and overall network. In addition this infrastructure was utilized by other subcontractors terminating VPNs back to corporate networks, the transfer of survey data from the survey boat to production dredging systems and off site to eTrac offices, for a range of typical corporate network functions and for general high speed internet access. IS Techs remained involved with the project providing network support through completion. The overall deployment was a huge success and proved to be extremely fast and reliable enabling DOF to lean on the infrastructure much more than had they originally expected.
  • Glenn Edwards Hopper Dredge outfitting. IS Techs traveled to Mobile Alabama and the Alabama Ship Yard where Manson Construction's 300' hopper dredge Glenn Edwards was just being finished. We installed networking equipment and software including switches, a LandCell modem, Cisco PIX 501 and remote desktop software. In addition we did final configuration of network and XP pro stations enabling Secure VPN access for real-time remote viewing of dredging operations, remote support for Hypack and Dredgepack and remote desktop and network support through the cellular network with a relative range of up to 50 miles off shore.
  • Manson Construction Multi vessel Wireless Network.
    IS Techs configured Cisco 1310 radios so that multiple 1310 equipped tug boats can automatically link up to any one of over a dozen 1310 equipped dredging barge platforms to see in real time the barges GPS position, then move on to another barge and automatically link up to it.
  • Cisco Aironet 1310 configurations for various marine dredging and construction projects around the country.

Columbia West Properties Inc. / IT Support

Bellevue, WA
Seattle, WA
Edgewood, WA


IS Techs was brought into Columbia West Properties Inc. to provide primary IT support and consulting.

  • We have upgraded their firewall to a Cisco ASA5505 and completed a security audit implementing several important changes including secure VPN for remote access.
  • We also reworked their data backups with a highly reliable external hard drive solution and offsite rotation which includes Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery which provides complete server recovery to any hardware within hours.
  • We have tied in several remote sites with Cisco site to site VPNs using ASA5505 and 851W routers which also add secure wireless networking.
  • Upgraded main office to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Added Cisco multi VLAN wireless networking to main office which allows for internal full access use and visitor internet only access.
  • Upgraded T1 to Comcast 50X10 Internet and 24 Comcast digital voice lines.

Specialty Products Inc.

Tacoma, WA
Anchorage, AK
Dallas, TX


IS Techs was brought into Specialty Products as primary IT support because of our ability to quickly respond to IT issues both remotely and on site and provide ongoing technology consulting for a growing multi site business with domestic and international clients.

  • We added an HP DL380G5 server with SBS 2003 and Exchange to bring email in house resolving remote access issues and allowing email integration with other internal IT systems
  • Added Cisco 1811W to main site and Cisco ASA5505s to remote sites and tied all sites together with Cisco site to site VPN. Also added client remote VPN access for traveling sales staff.
  • Upgraded main site to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Deployed ACT CRM for in office and remote sales staff
  • Deployed Blackberry Enterprise Server to integrate mobile phones with Exchange server data
  • Deployed Panda Business Secure to server and desktops and Panda Gate Defender to perimeter providing complete Virus and Mal-Ware protection for systems, data and email. Also provides web site filtering by category for internal web access.
  • Deployed complete backup solution with Shadow Copies and 2TB External hard drives with off site rotation using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery allowing for disaster recovery of servers to any hardware within hours.
  • Provide continuing support for all offices and remote staff.

BC Investigative Engineers

Auburn, WA



For BC Investigative Engineers IS Techs built a complete network from the ground up and we provide ongoing IT support.

  • Deployed IBM X346 with SBS 2003 and Exchange
  • Deployed Cisco PIX501 with remote access VPN
  • Assisted with site move by installing CAT5E data wiring for data and phone systems them assisting with equipment move ensuring they were up and running by Monday morning.

Ambassador Marketing

Bellevue, WA


IS Techs upgraded a poorly deployed MAC server with a pair of IBM X3200 servers with Active Directory, Exchange and Terminal services. We integrated several MAC laptops and mobile devices into the network. Now Ambassador Marketing has a reliable and functional network that we continue to support.


SRT Electronics

Tacoma, WA

      The desktop upgrade for SRT was primarily a move from Windows 98 to Windows XP pro. This required desktop memory upgrades and thin coax network adapter upgrades. IS Techs also added a firewall and configured a real network which now allows all stations to have high speed internet access and to share data securely. We also set up VPN to allow SRT to access their systems from their remote office and while traveling on business trips. Finally we added wireless networking for their new laptops and continue to provide network and desktop support.

PM Northwest Inc.

Mt. Vernon, WA

      PM Northwest was running with white box peer to peer workstations but needed better functionality from their computer systems. IS Techs deployed an IBM X3400 server with Active Directory domain and Exchange server along with an APC1500 and new Lenovo workstations. We also deployed a new Cisco 1811W firewall and set up remote user VPN. Now PM Northwest's data is secure and available on a high uptime and redundant server with reliable data backups and secure remote access for their field staff.

Northern Pacific Consulting Engineers

Puyallup, WA

      IS Techs built Northern Pacific Consulting Engineers a new network with an IBM X3650, Cisco ASA5505 firewall, APC2200 and Gigabit Network Switch. We did site data wiring in their new office prior to move in. We also set up all the workstations and migrated them to their new domain and mail server. We were on site during the move in to ensure things went smoothly.

Home Finance USA

Tacoma, WA

      When IS Techs came into the Home Finance USA (HFUSA) environment we identified a host of recommended network configuration changes. After correctly configuring their Windows 2003 server, domain, desktops and firewall HFUSA realized near perfect network up time, improved performance and remote support capability via VPN. IS Techs has continued to work with HFUSA adding desktops to their network as they grow and performing network administration of their domain. We also support their Calyx Point environment and consult on future expansions.